Does your income meet the requirements below?

If you answered yes to both questions, you may be eligible to receive a supplemental box of food each month. Read on for more information on this program.

Requirements to Qualify:

Age 60 or older

Live in Bucks County

Combined Monthly Income cannot exceed:

1 person in household-$1,287/month

2 person household-$1,736/month

for each additional household member add $451/month

For more information, contact Jonathan Bonilla, Food Service Manager, Morrisville Senior Servicenter, Inc.


Nutrition Information

​​​​​​ Applegate Meats​​

Are available for our members. Rolling Harvest will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to our membership on Wednesdays. Enjoy fresh picked produce  this summer. Bring your canvas bags in with your name on it on Tuesdays and pick up fresh foods on Wednesdays.  Applegate  Meats will be available on Fridays. This assortment of all organic meats is a wonderful addition to your table. Please bring your bag with your name on it on Thursdays for Friday pick up. Why not join us for lunch while you're here for a small donation.

Community Breakfast​​

On the third Friday of the month the Morrisville Senior Center opens its doors to the community for a wonderful home cooked Community Breakfast. This event is open to any citizen 55 years + and is FREE.  Donations are accepted.  Pastries, juices, coffee, eggs, and pancakes are on the menu with a selection of either ham, sausage or bacon. To find out this month's date, check out our Facebook page or call the Center at 215-295-0567.

Healthy Steps

Most people know that having a fall injury such as a hip fracture can be devastating, to both the patient and the family. But a lot of people don't know you can prevent these falls a lot of different ways. Healthy Steps for older adults is a new program to help people prevent these horrible falls a lot of different ways. Healthy Steps includes two workshop to help older adults make their homes safer shows them how to manage their medicine and improve their health and strength so that they could be more independent a lot of seniors live alone so these exercises will help them get through their home safely & through-out the day.Healthy Steps will  begin September 12th,2016 here at the Morrisville Senior Service Center at 10am until 11am. There is a physical skills screening with simple exercises such as, Get Up and Go, Sit to Stand, and The One Leg Stand. There is a registration questionaire, referrals and a follow-up. The first workshop is "Fall Prevention" where you learn home safety, we also talk about your doctor to always make sure your medicines are filled and are being used properly we also do a little of role playing of some very serious scenarios that might happen in your home at any time. During Workshop #2 we also speak about warm-ups when you wake up in the morning  of so small exercises to keep you active and energized, we also speak about foot ware and foot care so that way your if your feet are taken care of so walking on them will not be as bad and wearing comfortable shoes shoes helps a lot.We also learn some balance basics,like standing on one foot and basic leg exercises. We will be using some light weights like cans of beans for some  arm exercises, and some stretching will be thrown in there because if you don't stretch you might pull or tear a muscle before exercising. The biggest thing about this workshop is staying active but safe. Hopefully all of this information will bring you to our class and I will make sure you leave Healthy Steps ready to make sure you are and healthy and strong.