Welcome New Members​  

  • Sandra Menchn
  • Carmen Beshra
  • Russell Bowen
  • Linda Thomas
  • Pauline Pempleton
  • Pagay Wedgest-Land

The Morrisville Senior Servicenter is the focal point in the community for activities, information and services for older adults and their families. The Center offers recreational activities, social events, health and wellness, interest groups and hobbies. Trips are also arranged throughout the year. The Morrisville Senior Servicenter was established in 1976 when a small group of individuals realized there was a need for a place where seniors could congregate and help one another. They looked for the same things that we look for today: comradery to support one another, activities to keep seniors engaged, trips to broaden their horizons and a place they could call their own. We are pleased to carry on the traditions of our founders and give seniors a home away from home!  

Officers, Board of Directors and Staff for 2017 - 2018

Board of Directors
​Chairman             Susan Krushenski
​Vice Chairman      Mildred Kerner
Secretary              Susan Parrey
Board Member      Lillian Martino  
Board Member      Mabel Menei
Board Member      Vera Straley      


President                        Kathy Shiley

1st Vice President         Anna Brewer

2nd Vice President        Linda Robertson

Secretary                        Mary Korytowski


Treasurer                        David White

Center Manager                Clark Shuster
Food Service Manager     Jonathan Bonilla
Bookkeeper                       Tracy Thompson
Receptionist                      Michele Reed
Admin Assistant               Kathy Shiley
Member Services              Anthony Smith
Kitchen Aide                     Myrna Morales

Custodian                         Eric Reid